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 Shoulder pain relief

"On Tuesday 1/17/22 I (Dr. Andrew) had my son in a carrier for hours the previous night. I had my shoulder rolled forward, putting a lot of tension on the muscles between my spine and scapulae. I woke up in the night with pain radiating up the left side of my neck (left SCM, Levator scap, and scalenes.) In the morning I could raise my left arm to even 90 degrees abduction without pain, and this is the video of Dr. Justin treating my acute scapular dysfunction, aka left shoulder pain, before I started seeing patients."

The most difficult patients to adjustment.....

Dr. Justin is describing the most difficult type of patient to adjust; those who are stressed and nervous system is stuck in sympathetic tone (fight or flight) or those who are sedentary.
The infrared sauna, massages, and our zero gravity massage chair are tools we have added in the office to help patients get out of sympathetic tone (fight or flight.)

Supporting the immune & lymphatic systems 

Chiropractic helps my kid's bodies adapt to stress, and when there are sicknesses going on, their bodies are under stress. Our lymph system is where our immune system travels through, and muscle and joints move lymph through our body. We have noticed that when our kids are adjusted, this helps keeps lymph circulation keeping fluid from getting caught in places. Their bodies are prone to eye infections and ear infections when the lymph is improperly flowing. When our kids are fighting things, we adjust them more then we normally do, along with other natural remedies to help their bodies adapt without using antibiotics  and other main stream treatments as possible. 

Chiropractic care during pregnancy

Our goal with the pregnant women we see is to keep their bodies adapting to stress as well as possible. Pregnant woman ha a lot more laxity in ligaments as hormones allow for the sacrum to shift during birth. This is a beautiful design, but this also means more demand is on a woman's muscles to hold her pelvis, lumbar, thoracic , and cervical spine in a alignment. We often see spams in the psoas and para-spinals muscle as the lumbar spine has nerve pressure in it causing the muscles to guard. As women are further along in pregnancy and their bellies increase in size more pressure is put on the translon area between the lumbar and sacrum. We often see nerve pressure in the low back that can cause intense pain sensing,  walking, sitting, or laying. It's beautiful to see how much tension is released from a woman's physical body as nerve pressure comes often different areas of the spine. And one of our biggest goals is to allow proper movement of the pelvis to help mom and baby have good as possible labor together.

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