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How We Can Help


Single Adjustment 

Without a Plan/Package - $50

Medicare Part B

$85  New Patient Fee

$50  Per Xray

$50  Extremities

Medicare does not cover the above amounts.  Patient is responsible for these.

X-ray, Evaluation & Adjustment

65 yrs+       $135     

18-64 yrs   $150   

7-18 yrs     $125

0-6 yrs      $100 (no x-ray)

New Patient 

Adjustment, Massage Chair & Sauna 

Gold Wellness Pkg : $195 Per Month
2- Adjustments
2- Sauna Sessions
2 -30 min Massage Chair Sessions

Silver Wellness Pkg: $90 Per Month
1- Adjustment
1- Sauna Session
1 -30 min Massage Chair Session

Wellness Plans/Packages


We are a cash only practice as of 10/01/2022. We suggest that you contact your
insurance company about your current coverage. You will need to ask them about your
coverage for (Out-of-Network) chiropractic care.  We will be happy to provide superbills
to our patients that have (Out-of-Network) coverage. We are Non- participating providers
of original Medicare Part B (Federal Provided).
Thank you,
Dr. Justin Peasley
Dr. Andrew Peasley

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