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Meet the Team


Co-Owner DC
Dr. Justin loves his wife Lauren, and their 5 kids (Leeland, Forest, Wren, Ilo and Magnolia.) Dr. Justin is passionate about putting high quality food into his family's body for optimal health.  You will find him milking cows for raw milk, working out at Cross-Fit Lake Effect, and raising regenerative pigs and chickens for meat. 

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Co-Owner DC
Dr. Andrew is blessed to be married to his beautiful wife Brittany, and to be the father of 3 beautiful daughters and one strapping son. Rylee, Avaleigh, Filly, and Henrik. Exercise, creating and growing nourishing food, hunting, and spending time with his awesome family are some of his favorite activities. 

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Office Staff


Lora Sheneman~ Office Manger 


Sharon Miller~ Front Desk


Kim Brani ~ Front Desk


Amy Lehnert~ Front Desk (remote) A little bit of everything.


What motivates our excellent care is...

We are two brothers that are blown away with how the body was designed to heal itself.   Your body is always doing its best to heal, and it adapts even better if pressure is removed from nerves! We help remove nerve pressure so your body can get the right messages to heal properly. 

We have spent great time and effort becoming excellent at delivering the best care we can.  We love seeing people get back to doing the things they love.  We love seeing babies sleep better at night with less colic, and people getting back to the gym and enjoying the great outdoors. 

We give great quality care to each patient that comes in.  It takes more time and energy, but we will offer our patients the best care we can. 

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